About Us

KOMIKO is the brand name and production company of the group Karavann Events Ltd based in Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean. It all goes 25 years back when the CEO and Founder, Miselaine Duval, and her troupe decide to set up the very first comedy crew on the island. From mere stand-up comedy shows, they began doing pre-production and production of commercials which eventually rooted out to daily TV soaps and movies. These were initially broadcasted locally before expanding to the Indian Ocean.

Karavann Events also owns the Komiko Comedy ArtClub which can accommodate up to 200 spectators. Performances include daily comedy shows with full-time actors as well as other local artists and the club also acts as a talent hub for imminent new actors. Karavann Events even hosts its own annual “Festival du Rire” which, each year, welcomes international comedians.

The year 2017 marked an exceptional milestone for the company when it launched ‘Karavann Films’. As Komiko embarked on a new journey entailing the production of movies, it released its first acclaimed movie titled ‘PANIK’ which inaugurated ‘Le Dorat 2017’ Film Festival in France. Following this first success, Benediction and Heritaz were released in 2019 and 2020 respectively. All three movies were produced on low-budgets due to the lack of investors in this sector but despite this, all of them received good critics and were successful locally and internationally. Miselaine Duval was the Director, Producer and Scriptwriter for Benediction and Heritaz and for Panik, she was the producer and scriptwriter alongside international and local technicians.

These productions are qualified by the Rebate Scheme administered by the Board of Investment which contributes between 30 and 40 % of the Qualified Production Expenditures (QPEs) incurred in Mauritius by film producers with respect to the shooting of an eligible production.


A Word from Miselaine Duval…

Dear Komiko Fans,

I am pleased to introduce to you our website KomikoFilms.com where you will be able to connect yourself and watch our works anywhere and anytime around the world!

We have all been through considerable hardships recently but Komiko has always been by your side, be it in the theatres, on the streets or online. I thank you warmly for welcoming the Komiko family and giving us a special place in your life. We have worked hard to reinvent and readapt ourselves to meet your needs despite all the difficulties faced. Komiko is more than just a troupe of actors or artist; we are a family working side by side to bring out the best for you and your family. We believe that laughter is a therapy that soothes the soul, the mind and the body. Laughter brings people, family and friends closer and we will always cherish this belief at Komiko.

I heartily hope that you will enjoy and make the most of this website. Connect with us via KomikoFilms.com through your TV, smartphones or laptop for a good laugh and don’t forget to rent and subscribe so you can enjoy all these beautiful years of Komiko as much as you want!